WI-FI Hotspot Marketing

Monetize your Wifi router and start earning with Wrollit.

WI-FI Hotspot Marketing Overview

WiFi is a powerful tool that marketing agencies can leverage to improve their business strategies regarding lead generation, social engagement and direct marketing. Marketing agencies looking for inexpensive channels to generate leads have found their solution, lead generation through WiFi. It is very simple and can be applied to any of your customers having physical locations i.e. stores, restaurants, malls, hotels, etc.). By installing a WiFi network with a captive portal, people willing to access WiFi will provide their personal data, with opt-in for marketing usage. Data released includes, for example, name and surname, age, location, gender, and any additional field which is requested in exchange for WiFi access.


Cloud Based Architecture

Our Cloud based WIFI NETWORK can be used at any place hotels, apartments, restaurants & shops

WI-FI Hotspot Marketing Services

Through Our WI-FI Data Collection System We can generate following automated notification.

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